Don't know about NLP- not a big deal

If you still don’t know about NLP its not a big deal. However what is surprising is NLP which is so proven and powerful for self transformation has not yet reached to many of us. […]

Why NLP?

This article is a fruit of curious questions asked by many people during NLP workshops- “Why NLP?” Although sometimes challenging, since such questions put forward by people who attend our NLP workshop, […]

Why do you need a Coach?

We, as individuals, think that we have our life together until and unless we realize our life is falling apart. You find yourself asking again and again, ‘Where did I go wrong?” Most of us fail to recognize the reasons.[…]

The road not taken

“I took the ones less travelled by, And that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost We know how scary it can get. Taking the road less travelled is something that is all embracing the different. The only person stopping you from being one is your own head.[…]

Building tomorrows' leaders today

For the last 20 years in my professional life I have attended numerous softskills and leadership development programs and as a trainer and a leadership coach i have trained many people so far. […]

A Leader in me

I know what you are thinking. Another article about, “how to be a leader”? You will once again, take a trip down to the memory lane to remind yourself all the reasons why you can’t be one. Maybe you consider it too late. Or you are just too old, too tired or just comfortable in […]

Catch them young - Infuse Leadership styles and traits

Let’s be honest! We all want to see our kids being successful. As parents, nothing gives you more joy than looking at your little one being a conqueror. But it’s not going to happen by itself. As parents, we need to inculcate in our kid’s leadership qualities. […]

How much time do you spend on meetings each day?

Have you ever figured out how much time you spend in your meetings and conference calls each day? Throughout my corporate experience I have realized that our employees spend at least 30 to 50% of their time each day in meetings. […]

Leadership Begins at Home

Leadership indeed begins at home. You would not even realize that your children, your spouse, your parents and your relatives are watching every move of yours. They are constantly learning or want to learn from you. especially your children. […]

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