Kaushik Mahapatra

Leadership Trainer, International Coach, CEO Coach, NLP Expert, Corporate Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Author, IIM Alumnus

About Kaushik

Kaushik Mahapatra is one of the most dynamic Leadership and Corporate Trainers, Renowned NLP expert and Emotional intelligence coach in Asia.

IIM Lucknow Alumnus with 22 Years of experience in Training, Coaching, L&D, IT and Sales. Worked in India, US, UK and Australia. Certified NLP Trainer, Agile and Six sigma expert. His work on Leadership development for youth in India has been exceptional. He is Founder of Indian Leadership Academy. Previously worked with HP, GE and Wipro.

"Are We Leading?"

– By Kaushik Mahapatra

“ARE WE LEADING?” is a book that will change the way you lead your life and the world around you.

It is designed for those who are on the journey of personal discovery and who get a constant feeling that they are not doing enough or they are not good enough. This book will completely change the way you view your life and the world around you, as you would be in a leading mode and can take charge of your own personal and professional life no matter what phase of life you are in. It’s an easy to read book and recommended for anyone who would like to take some simple steps towards achieving greater success and happiness by simply getting into a leading mindset.


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Kaushik Mahapatra

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