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BUILDING FUTURE-With Kaushik Mahapatra Executive Coach Facilitator

Building Future-Creating Leaders is a unique leadership development program that works with individuals and teams to fulfil their goals. Begin the journey towards your personal & professional goals with Executive Coach Kaushik Mahapatra.

Kaushik Mahapatra Executive Coach, is a globally renowned coach specialized in executive team coaching and leadership coaching. His clients include heads of various business organizations from various industries, who have built or are building their teams by enhancing the performance of their Alumnae with his proven training methods. Give Alumnae the opportunity to grow, develop and improve themselves! Get the best executive coaching from Kaushik Mahapatra. You will have an opportunity to explore, challenge your beliefs and develop a clearer pathway towards success and your career.

Kaushik Mahapatra’s Goals of Executive Coaching?

The goal of executive coaching is to help executives and professionals become more effective in their roles. Executive coaching can help professionals develop more effective functioning and higher levels of performance. In this Kaushik Mahapatra discusses the goals for executive coaching, where the focus is on changing perceptions about what a good leader looks like and how a leader’s skills can be measured. Kaushik Mahapatra Executive coaching is an effective tool to help managers and executives get the right perspective on their career and life, and make them more successful. This Executive Coaching training is a course that helps managers learn how to hone their leadership skills. The course includes a comprehensive reading list to guide the participant as they prepare for their coaching experience. Participants will develop their own personal coaching plan, so they know how much time each session should take. This course helps participants understand that leadership development is ongoing and continuous. Kaushik Mahapatra help individuals to grow, evolve and experience success in their career path. To enhance self-awareness, develop personal development and transform a person from within towards becoming an elite achiever in the field.

Executive coaching benefits:

Boost your professional effectiveness and self-confidence with Executive coaching from Kaushik Mahapatra. Our solutions include mental preparation, strategic planning and goal setting, goal achievement and career management among others. Kaushik can help you increase your organization’s performance and your involvement in leadership. His coaching will help you develop self-awareness, problem-solving skills and behaviour management techniques that can be applied in many aspects of life. The coaching classes are conducted in a very interactive, relaxed & informal manner. Students can also enhance their management skills via group discussions, role plays and individual sessions which will assist them in enhancing growth potential and develop new strategies to enhance performance at work. As an executive coach I help managers to achieve the best possible performance and results with their organization. The reason why I build up the confidence and self-belief in my clients is because they are always at a crossroads of what it is they want to be, do or have in their lives.

Kaushik Mahapatra Executive Coaching Programs includes in the following:

Kaushik Mahapatra Executive Coaching Programs includes in the following:

      • Career Management
      • Communication Skills
      • Corporate Presence
      • Strategic Thinking
      • Team Management
      • Performance Management
      • Interpersonal Relationship Management
      • External Relationship Management & Career Transitionary

        Outcomes of the Executive Coaching Programs

        • Explore concern areas as well as suitable opportunities for the required outcomes client
        • Set and achieve goals or devise new ones.
        • Understand the priorities and take decisive actions on important things
        • Be accountable for all commitments
        • Excellent strategy skills – create effective plans with a focus on required results
        • Maximize potential within individuals for their personal and professional life

Kaushik Mahapatra’s Executive Coaching Programs are aligned with the talent management framework of organizations that are driven by strategic business objectives. The programs provide a blend of Behavioural, Strategic and Knowledge-Based interventions to help executives build skills that can improve their capabilities and enable them to perform more effectively at work. Kaushik Mahapatra’s program structure provides an environment where executives can explore their strengths and weaknesses and develop strategies for their future success and career.

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