NLP & Mindfulness Practitioner Program

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is one of the most talked-about tools in the training and coaching market. NLP provides one of the most effective methodologies for exponential personal and professional development. A lot of individuals are looking to make Neuro- Linguistic Programming a part of their life.

An integration of NLP and Mindfulness is unique and a rare combination where you will learn all the techniques of NLP to know the inside of your mind and with mindfulness you would know how to control your negative thoughts and remain in the present moment. This unique program will make you more potent to handle your clients in efficient and effective manner.

Course Details:

DAY - 1

➡️ The concepts of Neuro Linguistic Programming and the roles and responsibilities of an NLP Practitioner.
➡️ Psychological concepts in NLP.
➡️ The presuppositions, Neuro Linguistic Programming principles, frames of mind, and cognitive distortions.
➡️ Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation.
➡️How NLP and Mindfulness can be a powerful combination for self-development and coaching others.

DAY - 2

➡️ Enhancing your belief systems using NLP.
➡️ How to set specific goals also called timelines.
➡️ Advanced linguistic skills and the basics of Hypnotic language.
➡️ Create your own Authentic and Powerful story to motivate you and others.
➡️Meditation to control your thoughts.
➡️Subconscious mind and Auto pilot.
➡️Science behind meditation.

DAY - 3

➡️ Advanced techniques on effective team management, conflict management.
➡️ Different communication styles and leadership styles which will make you an impactful communicator and an effective leader.
➡️ Powerful rapport building techniques which will be a great tool as an NLP Practitioner to connect with people.
➡️ Body scanning and Loving kindness meditation.
➡️Building relationships with mindful communication.
➡️Stress Management.

DAY - 4

➡️ Various powerful techniques on how to combat addictions, cure phobias.
➡️ NLP Coaching framework – How to get started with Coaching others using NLP.
➡️ Mindful living.
➡️ Chakra meditation and RAIN meditation practice.
➡️Training for mindfulness and 30 days NLP and Mindfulness Practice schedule.
➡️Certification Ceremony.


The course is approved by ECNLP, Skill Central UK, Indian Leadership Academy and ISO – International Organization for Standardization.

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