Gamification Bootcamp for Trainers and Coaches

Are you ready to change the game?

Then here is your chance to move beyond the normal and learn how to leverage gamification in the training and coaching industry. Gamification is now being recognized as one of the most popular and talked about strategies for providing and engaging learning and training experience to Generate Employee Motivation, Team Building, Enhance Productivity, Drive Innovation and Problem Solving. Hence trainers and coaches are gamifying their programs to engage their clients more than ever.

What will you learn:

This course teaches participants the foundations of making gamification effective in any context as a trainer and coach as well as lays emphasis on understanding the psychology behind game design techniques as well.

By the end of this Gamification Training course, participants will be able to/will have:

*️⃣ Learnt the techniques for transforming an problem area/process training into a game
*️⃣ Use gamification for assessments and evaluation during training and coaching.
*️⃣ Learn the low-cost approach that you can apply gamification to suit your own professional needs

Course Details:

DAY - 1

➡️ Fundamentals of Gamification
➡️ Learning theories applied to Gamified training programs
➡️ Benefits of game-based trainings
➡️ Key elements of Gamification Content
➡️ Gamification Design Principles
➡️ Mechanics and Dynamics to create an experience
➡️ 4Qs Framework to create a gamified experience

DAY - 2

➡️ Psychology of Gamification
➡️ Gamer Persona Analysis
➡️ Player Types Vs Learner Types
➡️ Gaining effective engagement levels
➡️ Creating Gamified Training and Coaching Programs
➡️ Evaluation Metrics of gamification
➡️ Game based learning for corporate trainings
➡️ Partial Gamification
➡️ Case Studies: Companies engaging in Gamification
➡️ Authoring tool and LMS
➡️ Future trends in Gamification

Who should attend:

*️⃣ Aspiring trainer and Coaches
*️⃣ Experienced L&D professionals
*️⃣ Managers
*️⃣ MDs
*️⃣ CEOs
*️⃣ Subject matter experts
*️⃣ Business Directors

*️⃣ HR Specialists
*️⃣ Supervisors and employees who are part of decision-making teams
*️⃣ Teachers
*️⃣ Professors
*️⃣ Parents who are interested in gamified teaching

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Jan 30 2021 - Jan 31 2021


9:30 am - 5:30 pm


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