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Kaushik Mahapatra is an Award-winning Corporate Trainer, Influencer, International speaker, Organizational scientist, a Top-selling Author, Asia’s most promising Corporate Coach and Trainer, Leadership Coach, Business coach, Innovation Coach, Renowned Mindfulness & Neuroscience Guru in Asia.

🎯 He has been mentored by the World’s Best Leaders – John Mattone – World’s No.1 Executive Coach & Steve Jobs Coach) and Tony Robbins – World’s No. 1 Speaker and Motivator), Blair Singer – The Master of Masters, Jack canfield – The man who modernized success, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar – Most sought after Spiritual Leader and Founder of Art of Living.

🎯Kaushik founded Indian Leadership Academy (ILA) and serves as the Chief mentor with over 150,000 alumni in Multiple countries. These certified Leaders, Trainers, Coaches, Mentors and Teachers have created a leadership movement within their own communities. He also works as an advisor to Skill Central UK. His motto is to Lead with Wisdom and create oneness in the world through unconditional sharing and wisdom.

🎯25 years of rich experience in running multi million business units as a Leader. As a Facilitator and a Coach, he has worked with 12000 + leaders in world-class companies, including IBM, Amazon, Bosch, Deutsche, Ericsson, PayPal, Flipkart, Softcrylic, DHL (Philippines), Amadeus(France), Unity(Dubai), Virtusa (US), MASHREQ Bank (UAE), Makino (Japan).

🎯Specializations :  Leadership Interventions,  Leadership Coaching,  Inclusive Leadership, Quantum Leadership, Millennial Leadership, Leadership development through Sports, Career Switch Coaching, CXO coaching, Emergenetics, Neuroscience, Neuroleadership, Neurosales, , Corporate Spirituality, Agile, Design Thinking, DISC, Thomas Executive Assessments, Worldcafe facilitation, Keynote Speaking.

Best Corporate Trainer in Bangalore Kaushik Mahapatra.

Kaushik Mahapatra is the one of Best Corporate Trainers in Bangalore .He provides training services to both small and large companies ensuring that maximum employees are trained in their respective fields and certified as well. Benefit from our expert training sessions, which are designed to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Kaushik Mahapatrais the best corporate trainer in Bangalore and has been working for more than 8 years working with leading firms like IBM Technologies Ltd.

Become a certified Business Coach with Kaushik Mahapatra. Find out how to help your Alumni get more from their work, and everyone you work with will benefit.

To get a job in the corporate world and become successful in a very short span, people need to show their skills in different fields. They must be trained according to the requirements of the employers and it is also important that they get proper guidance before making any decision related to their career.Kaushik Mahapatra will help them develop their talents and talents for future.

Advantages With Kaushik Mahapatra -Top corporate Trainer in India

Kaushik mahapatra’s Training interventions will enable you to set up your own training services. With his vast experience and expertise in the field, he will be able to deliver relevant instruction and workshops on a wide variety of subjects.

Kaushik Mahapatra is an expert in corporate training. A highly qualified trainer who has vast experience for many years. Kaushik Mahapatra has trained people to achieve their goals not only in the Corporate world but in Public sectors as well.

Experience of Top corporate Trainer Kaushik Mahapatra with past 8 years in higher education, being in the forefront of delivering challenging learning & development programs for business leaders, executives, training managers and professionals to engage the right corporate trainers.

What makes Kaushik Mahapatra exceptional?

Kaushik Mahapatra is exceptional because he is a leader. He leads this company with passion, care and love. His style of leadership and approach to leadership will improve many other people especially his team members and customers.”

Kaushik Mahapatra has proven to be the best in his field by earning numerous awards and certificates in various categories. He has founded many ventures, worked on large projects and has been involved in multiple teams and initiatives.

Kaushik Mahapatra is a very humble man, who is not only exceptional in corporate training, but also impressive from his superlative personality.

Corporate Training Solutions & Benefits

Kaushik Mahapatra is a one stop partner of your business success. Kaushik Mahapatra provide customised training, development & management consulting services to help you find the right talent, build their skills and get them working in your organization. Kaushik Mahapatra is one of the best corporate Trainer in India, when it comes to providing Business Leadership training for Alumni, managers and executives. The training programs we offer are highly customised to fit the specific needs of each company.

Kaushik Mahapatra Corporate Trainer is the most comprehensive collection of corporate training & development content. Its vast library encompasses 100+ Brand-Specific Learning Units, including: Standard Business Processes & Workflows (more than 3500)

Our corporate training solutions and benefits are designed to make our  Alumni’ lives easier, both inside and outside of the office. We understand that everyone has their own way of doing business so we create customised plans that address specific situations and objectives.

What makes KAUSHIK MAHAPATRA a trusted Corporate Trainer

KAUSHIK MAHAPATRA is a trusted corporate trainer and offers training programs in different industries ranging from the IT sector & Other industries. KAUSHIK MAHAPATRA understands the challenges of working in a diverse workforce and specialises in helping organisations become more effective through team dynamics, leadership skills and personal development.

KAUSHIK MAHAPATRA is a professional Corporate Trainer with 8 years of experience in the field of training and development. He has trained over 3,00,000 corporate employees in over 3 different countries across India. His training programs have been featured in leading newspapers.

KAUSHIK MAHAPATRA is a Corporate Trainer, venturing into the field of corporate training and mentoring since 2016. Alumni engagement through training and mentoring is one of his most rewarding activities. KAUSHIK MAHAPATRA is an expert resourceful trainer who focuses on project-based training, discussions and real-time case studies.

KAUSHIK MAHAPATRA has always been clear that what makes him a trusted Corporate Trainer is his passion for teaching. He’s more than happy to share his knowledge with others, but the real focus is on imparting great business insight, not just a few key ideas.

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